Facial Care Tips Natural Everyday

Having beautiful skin is every woman’s dream; no wonder tips on caring for the face has always been the most studied. However, many women spend so much just to maintain skin health, and there is also a reckless use of dangerous chemical products or proven safety, simply because they want instant results. Not pretty obtained, but instead of skin problems such as skin blistering, peeling, and even symptoms of poisoning.

Treating the face unnecessarily with costly materials or hazardous products. You just meet several requirements to maintain healthy skin, so skin best facial machine looks beautiful naturally though not using expensive products. Got skin like this could be a natural way.

Fresh fruit, essential skin nutrients

Caring Face without Expensive Items

Whenever you want to apply tips for caring for the face to everyday, you just remember some of the things that is a fundamental principle facial treatments:

  • Protection from UV rays
  • Activity moisturize from the inside and out
  • the consumption of nutrients that are good for the skin, as well as
  • Regular cleaning

If these four principles are met, it does not matter even if you just use a cheap product or products that are reasonably purchased at the pharmacy and regular supermarkets.

Routine washing your face, simple but effective

Unfortunately, now many women who ignore these principles. As a result, their skin became victims. Many have already visible skin aging although still relatively young age, so that they spend so much money on expensive beauty treatments. It is of course detrimental, whereas the skin condition can be maintained optimally even without an expensive product.

Face Caring naturally in everyday life

Here are tips for caring for the face naturally  corresponding to the four main principles of skin care, which has been mentioned above:

  • Clean the skin with a face soap formula according to skin, at least 2 times a day ie morning and at night before bed. If you have dry skin, just wash your face with warm water in the morning to sweep the oil and face cream. Sleeping with a dirty face is a potent recipe dull skin and acne.
  • Moisten the skin, especially when the air is dry, or if you are in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Use moisturizing cream brand anything you like, but make sure there is extra moisturizer if your skin is dry. For moisturizing from the inside, drink plenty of water every day.
  • UV rays is one of the main causes of premature aging, so be sure to protect the skin of the face every day when you go out. Use a face cream with an SPF of at least 15; face powders can also be added, which also contains SPF (usually only about 8 SPF). Apply the cream evenly and wait 10 minutes before going out.
  • Consumption of nutrients essential to skin as a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and fiber. You can get all sekalig of colorful fruits and vegetables, brown rice, as well as a source of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads and cereals.

All tips on caring for the face is a solution that can be easily done routinely every day even by a busy, but the result is guaranteed obvious.

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5 Car Pick Up The Best Deals In 2016

Business will run smoothly if supported with adequate means of transportation, especially for my friend who are in the business of shipping goods or relating to cargo. Of course, it takes truck that can be relied upon to load luggage in large quantities. But unfortunately the price of one unit Trucks priced very expensive, so it is better buddy automotive switches buying pickup truck that had a much cheaper price.

Even the price of a pick up in global car there are priced below 100 million rupiah, making it very suitable for my friend pioneering new automotive business. There are enough options Cheap cars can pick up my friend got, like Gran Max, Mitsubishi Colt L300, Suzuki Futura, Tata Super Ace, to most expensive is the Toyota Hilux.Each pickup is offering different engine specifications and technology, so that automated selling price of each different.

If you write the automotive looking pickup with price below 100 million rupiah, then the friend can buy Suzuki Futura. This car can be an alternative but equally L300 offers a large capacity and powerful engine. Before buying a car pickup we should pay attention to the car’s ability to make goods. Please check with your sales or official dialer before my friend bought it, because it will affect the maximum capacity of the cargo.

The greater the power capacity, certainly more perfect used as a means of doing business. In addition, notice of the use of fuel, because there are several types offered by diasel engine, so it will automatically require diesel fuel manifold.When given the choice, we actually prefer diasel machine, because in our opinion is more powerful than gasoline engines. Well for automotive buddy who are confused to choose the car’s pick up with the best quality, please consider the following recommendations.

Car Pick Up Offers Quality

List Pick Up Best Cheap Car

1. Daihatsu Gran Max PU

Buddy automotive definitely agree when best compact truck Daihatsu Gran Max PU is one of the car’s pick up the best in Indonesa. The car is marketed starting price of 112 millions to most expensive at 144 million. Daihatsu Gran Max PU is suitable as a car to simplify everyday business activities, especially for my friend who needs advice angkutang transportation of goods. Equipped with spacious tub and the ability of the flood hit, is not wrong if this car into a pickup truck’s current best. In addition, Daihatsu also provides three options that tub of standard types, Type 3-way, and the type Box.

Another advantage of the car’s pick up is to have a very strong chassis, so that allows luggage in large quantities. For the engine itself, has provided the 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter automobile can choose according to budget a buddy belongs.For type 1.3 liter engine will wear K3 – DE, DOHC with water cooling system and capable of removing the power to reach 88PS / 6000 RPM, and torque 11.7kg.m / 4400rpm. As for the type 1.5 liter engine adopts 3SZ – VE, doch VVTi water-cooled with a maximum power of 97ps / 6000rpm and torque 13.7kg.m / 4400rpm.

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Chamomile Flowers Benefits For Health and Beauty

Have you ever seen and enjoyed the aroma of chamomile flowers? You can see this beautiful chamomile flowers growing wild in roadside or fields. Chamomile flowers have been popular in terms of usefulness in the days of ancient Egypt, for relaxation and anti-inflammatory as well as improving the overall health status. Popularity Chamomile grows throughout the Middle Ages when people begin to look herbs as an alternative treatment to cure various diseases.


Flower chamomile contains Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B-6, folate, vitamin B-12, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K. The composition of the active substances of chamomile oil extract called . Other active substances are chamazulene, flavonoids and coumarin. Of compounds in chamomile flowers, turns out many properties and benefits contained therein. Following a review of  the efficacy and benefits of chamomile flowers for health and beauty.

Treating Diabetes
study by the Diabetes Research Centre, shows that a person who had a habit of drinking chamomile tea every day will experience blood sugar levels more stable, without affecting the hormone insulin.

Troubleshooting Stomach
Some stomach problems associated with digestive disorders can be treated with the consumption of chamomile tea routinely. Flowers chamomile has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory strong, which can relieve stomach cramps, increase in stomach acid and stomach gas.

Treating Allergies
Other properties known is its anti-allergic properties. In a clinical study conducted on rats who experienced itching, showed that mice fed a chamomile showed reduction in symptoms compared to mice not given chamomile.

Boost Immunity

Based on the results of the study, drinking three cups of chamomile tea with a daily routine then called hippurate antibacterial will increase. This means that the immune system is significantly increased.

Anti Microbial
Extracts of chamomile flowers are also used for materials ointments, creams and gels used to treat skin irritation. Chamomile is believed to have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, so it is good to treat wounds, eczema, burns, rashes, and hemorrhoids.

Healthy Skin
Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial nature.Drinking chamomile tea regularly, it would be useful to break down toxins in the body and skin. So that your skin will be healthier and brighter.

Eliminating Eye Pouch
Flower Kamalia contain active substances called azulene, which is cooling to the skin and reduce inflammation. So it can be used to remove dark circles under eye.Tea chamomile is also useful for toning the capillaries beneath the skin surface, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Treating Acne
Chamomile tea can also be used as a natural toner and has the ability to fight acne, caused by anti- inflammatory and antibacterial in it. To treat acne, brewed chamomile tea along the hot water .cotton into the water, then use a toner to cleanse the face.

That review on the benefits of chamomile flowers for health and beauty . You can enjoy the benefits of chamomile flowers by adding such interest tea. Good luck.

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Steps and How to Make a Simple Home Alarm

Alarm is one of the most important parts in the house that will keep the house, especially at night when all family members asleep. To have a sophisticated alarm and sensitive in detecting security threats into the house, now you can make the alarm itself a cost efficient manner. With creativity and willingness, you do not have to pay dearly to be safe in your home, toko jual solenoid valve now consider  how to create a simple home alarm that we are for this is okay!


Blog tips home view that the alarm has basically three interconnected components, namely:

  • Detection sensors that have a role to detect any threats or infiltration of foreigners into the house. Typically, this sensor is mounted on the foremost like entrances or windows leading to the outside of the house.
  • Liaison will connect the sensor detection results toward the bell to ring loudly.
  • Bel source of sound to be emitted when the sensor has detected a person breaking into the house. Typically, the sound is also equipped with an indicator light that could make more perfect alarm.

To create a simple alarm that has three components, the following are the necessary ingredients to make a simple alarm:

  • Bel
  • Electric wire
  • Relay
  • Toggle switches
  • The switch press

After learning materials and functions, you can perform the following steps:

1.Make alarm scheme Make alarm scheme on paper by watching the position sensors, connectors, and the bell would you attach to the notice of each function of the material. Toggle switch serves to turn on and turn off the alarm as desired, press the switch while functioning as a simple sensor to be mounted on the parts that used to be the entrance of thieves, for example a door or window. Relay as the link between the toggle switch, switch hit, until the bell.

2. Install all the ingredients Replace all materials in accordance with a scheme created. Put a bell on the spot closest to your bed or room into your own personal place. To press the switch, install it in all areas that could potentially be entrance of thieves, while the toggle switch must be placed in a safe and inaccessible to thieves.

3. Experiment Once everything is installed, experiment by opening a door or window that has been fitted forcibly press the switch. If successful, the switch hit will immediately cut off the electricity to the relay, so that the bell will be rung. Good luck!

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Organizing Tips Without Living Room Sofa Or Chair

Prepare best for everyone who visited our shelter is an obligation we as hosts, both in terms of which we give a dinner or a place which provide for the guests, therefore we must be smart in arranging or decorating the room can start from the selection of wall paint colors, furniture and sofa or chair as a seat, but what if the guest rooms do not have a couch or chair, now on this occasion we www.fullspectrumdemocracy.org will give you some tips to organize a living room without a sofa or chair.

living room without sofa

The living room is without a discount seating is usually known by the term the living room sitting on the floor, the concept of a living room like this have many applied long ago in developed countries like Japan and the middle east, the advantages that we can get is the impression of a warm and close the in can be a guest with the owner of the house, usually the living room is relying on a rug or a table that is designed specifically for the living room without a sofa or chair, to create a model that one guest is to make it look more beautiful is not easy enough to be there certain tips that you should know, therefore we have prepared some tips arranging the living room without sofa or chair so beautiful, for more details, we see directly below.

How to Arrange Living Room Sofa Or Without Using Seat To Look Beautiful And Comfortable

If you intend to make your living room without sofa or chair you should use the carpet instead of the couch as a sitting area, choose the living room carpet that matches the size of the living room, now that it looks not monotonous choose a carpet that has motifs and colors aligned for a balance and be able to build a beauty in the living room.

Then you can put a pillow or table that is created specifically for the living room without a seat, and to avoid the room empty patio or hollow, you can play on the side of the wall, you can put a painting and other handicrafts that adds your beautiful guest room, to further details, here is an example of a living room without a sofa or chair .

Example Decor Living Room Sofa Or Without Seat

That was some examples of the design of the living room without sofa or chair that you can make a benchmark in designing the living room of your dwelling, maybe that’s all we can say on this occasion may be beneficial.

15 Benefits of Lime for Health and Beauty 2

6. Treating diseases of the stomach / Maag

If you suffer from diseases such as gastric ulcer you should try the natural way or with a mild herbal ie by consume lemon that has been proven to cure.


In America it is well tested on patients with ulcer. How to make a potion or an ulcer drug? Here’s how:

  • Take an orange Nipis
  • Then Squeeze the lemon and mix the juice with water (not too much).
  • Drink this mixture or concoction before eating.
  • After drinking this herb or herb, it is recommended to eat shortly afterward.
  • Treating urinary disorders

Lime is very effective for treating disorders Thursday that someone, because in oranges contain high potassium content is quite effective in removing toxic substances is normally stored in the bladder and also can clear the blockage caused urine sediment results in the urinary tract.

8. Treat Arthritis

Known causes of arthritis one of which is uric acid buildup in the body. Uric acid is a product that should be spent at the time of urination which has the purpose of cleansing the body.

However, if too much is bound to cause a lot of pain and inflammation.

Why lime?

Because lemon contain a lot of citric acid that can dissolve veining and acids can also increase the number issued by the tang of urine. Inflammation can also be terminated because this one fruit has anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Treat Respiratory disorders

Flavonoids oil content that can be obtained from the results ekstral citrus fruit can be used to breathing the aroma of the oil is capable of being anti congestive and inhalers because there kaempferol so that tightness and nausea will be lost when inhale.

10. Treating Cough

Lime as a cough medicine has been known from the time of our ancestors. In addition to the manufacture of simple and practical lime turns potent in relieving cough.

Versions of the materials used in treating cough with lemon is very diverse. You can mencapur between orange juice with soy sauce, honey or other materials.

11. Can Kill intestinal worms

Usually the worm is in our intestines, these worms cause a lot of health problems, so that many anti-worm products on the market.

But do not worry because it is naturally also be removed from the worm intestine is diligently mengkosumsi hjeruk lime water.

12. Killing Bacteria

Lemon can kill the bacteria that affect health conditions. The type of disease that is usually caused by malaria, typhoid, cholera, and diphtheria.

Benefits of Lime for Beauty

13. Maintain Natural Skin Moisture

If your skin is dry try to make lemon water mixed into a mask. This mask is very useful to always keep the skin moist.

14. Addressing Black Spots

In addition to maintaining moisture, lime can also be used to diminish the flak Black is usually caused by sunlight are exposed directly to the skin.

How to use lemon namely mixing them with flour and then mix or the batter evenly in the skin and allow it to dry. When dry wash with warm water. Do it once a week.

15. Removing Dead Skin

Citric acid content of orange skin that is used to diminish skin cells. Usually this is done for the treatment of skin to skin looks fresh and radiant.

Thus a simple review of the benefits of lemon. Do not forget to always consume lime so that the health and fitness will be maintained. Good luck..

First Time Car Buying Tips

Seeing the condition of public transport is not very reliable in Indonesia, having a vehicle car is still a high interest especially among young people in Indonesia. Owning a car, besides the house, may be one of the targets being pursued when people have started income. In addition, people often also holds the view that having a car is a symbol of a person’s financial security.

Well, in this article we will share important tips for you that will woo a car for the first time. Almost certainly there will be confusion in some related matters, such confusion may be promo nissan bandung missed through this article. Some tips that we can say is:

Wow Mazda Sports Car Ready to Release Powerful 300dk

:: Identify and Define Your Driving Needs

Often impassable terrain affect your driving needs. Source: dhila13.wordpress.com

Following the trend it is okay, but you still need to identify and define your needs. Where did you see the need? The first assumption is that we need to equate you need a car vehicle. After that you try to look into yourself and your surroundings. Whether you are a single or married? How many families? The car will be used for needs outside the city or in the city? How terrain that would have to go through your car every day?Each answer will ideally determine what the most appropriate car for you to buy in order to meet your needs.For example, you are still single, live in the city, asphalt smooth terrain, perhaps the most appropriate car that you can buy is a model city car that the average small size alone.

:: Do Research on Each type and Compare Cars

Once you find the type that best suits your needs, then define the brand, and variants that exist in Indonesia.Perhaps you’ll find two to three cars that approximately meet your needs. Do a simple research on each car by collecting as much information. This time the car already has a lot of variants because there is always a component that can be played, starting from the engine to the interior of the car. Improvements in the quality of the parts already may be different variants, with different prices. Then if necessary learn to detail anything that attaches to the candidate of your car. After that compare the results, see which is roughly the most profitable in terms of features or price.

:: Do not Be Shy To Say They Experienced

Do not hesitate to ask those who know the car’s engine. Source: finance.detik.com

If you are a beginner could not hurt you to come to the workshop, showroom , or where to find those who are already experienced about the car, especially the engine problem. When we see a feature offered by the car with a certain variant, do not jump immediately interested. Try to find out beforehand whether the feature is needed or not, lest unneeded or even interfere with performance. Or whether the additional feature is the price offered makes sense or not, and so forth. When you ask those who are experienced, as possible choose people who have no interest with the car so you can get an objective assessment and explanation. Those who have experienced it certainly has plenty of knowledge, whether they experienced themselves or experienced by their colleagues, who would have been very useful for those of you who are a beginner.


10 Function Sunlight for Plants Bag. 2

5. Enable chlorophyll

Useful solar radiation to activate the chlorophyll contained in the plant. Therefore, plants or sprouts that are less exposed to sunlight will pale yellow. In contrast, Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages seedlings or plants exposed to direct sun light is green because chlorophyll is automatically activated.

the benefits of sunshine in the morning

6. Maintain temperature plants

The sun helps plants keep the temperature required to transfer water to keep the temperature stable and balanced. Plants absorb water from the soil through the roots and then vaporize it through the leaves. If the temperature at the plant is too low, then it will be a long process of evaporation which causes plants to die of suffocation. Conversely, if the temperature is too high then the evaporation process will be accelerated which would cause the plant to dryness.

7. Giving green color in plants

Basically Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue wavelengths of sunlight. However, because the green color is not absorbed by plants, but red and blue are absorbed by the green color visible to the naked eye. In other words, the actual red and blue are the colors used in the process of photosynthesis although to the naked eye we see the leaves green.

8. Helping growth

Absolutely, all plants need the sun for better growth process. However, not all plants need sunlight in the same amount. In some plants require sunlight in small amounts or are being, will only thrive with exposure to sunlight several hours per day. Conversely, in some plants require sunlight in significant amounts, will only thrive with exposure to sunlight 8 hours or more in a single day.

9. As the best source of nutrition

In an experiment, the plants kept in an enclosed space with artificial light. The results of these experiments, the plants can still grow even with the aid of artificial light. However, the resulting energy and nutrients never as good as the energy and nutrients sourced from sunlight.

10. Assist the growth of flowers and leaves

As described previously, the wavelength of light that the sun has a color. In connection with plants, red on the wavelength of the absorbed solar plants would have an impact on the growth of flowers. So when the plants are exposed to the red color of the wavelength of sunlight, then the plants will grow tall, dense and fast flowering.

In addition, the blue color of the wavelengths of sunlight will affect the growth of leaves. Thus, when the plants are exposed to blue wavelengths of sunlight, plants will be leafy.

Lime Benefits For Our Body Health

It’s always lime known as one of the fruits that have benefits for health and beauty.Properties of lime is not separated from a variety of existing content in the fruit. Vitamin C is abundant in lime turns out more than other types of citrus. Perhaps many of you just know that lime is only used as a flavor enhancer in food, even though the properties of lime for health are numerous. One of the benefits of lemon for the health boost immunity because they contain Vitamin C is high. To treat various diseases was lime is also quite powerful. Some diseases that can be cured with lemon that is such piles, tonsillitis, coughs, sore throats, acne, and many more.
Benefits of Lime

In addition to health benefits lime can you make natural ingredients to treat the face. If you want to get rid of acne with lemon, how namely by applying lemon juice on the acne on your face, then wait for 30 minutes then rinse your face with water. Here’s more information about the benefits of lemon juice to the health and beauty of the face.

  1. Improving the ability of the immune
  2. Balancing the body’s pH Balance
  3. Fixing errors gastrointestinal tract
  4. Dissolve uric acid
  5. Treat gastric problems such as ulcers
  6. Improve eyesight
  7. Preventing cancer is leukemia, stomach, and colon
  8. Kill intestinal worms
  9. kill bacteria
  10. Strengthens blood vessels
  11. Helps the treatment of hypertension
  12. nourish the kidneys
  13. Lose weight
  14. Suitable consumed by pregnant women
  15. treating coughs
  16. Relieves throat infection
  17. Lower heat fever due to malaria
  18. Dilute phlegm in the throat
  19. Treating toothache
  20. Treating the tonsils naturally
  21. Treating a sprained body part
  22. Overcome body odor
  23. Treat brain disorders
  24. Overcoming irregular
  25. Reduce tiredness or fatigue at some point the body
  26. Back in shape
  27. Relaxes tense muscles
  28. Preventing heart disease
  29. Cure the infection in the urinary system
  30. treating hemorrhoids
  31. Anyang-treat anyangan
  32. Controlling blood sugar levels
  33. Reducing the amount of sweat production
  34. Treating acne and scars fade
  35. Tighten and brighten the skin
  36. Makes the skin look youthful
  37. Coping with hair loss
  38. hair growth
  39. eliminate dandruff


Some of the ways the use of lime:

1. Treating acne
way is by rubbing lemon juice on the acne then let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse your face with water.Apply regularly to get maximum results.

2. Treating coughs first step squeeze 1 orange juice and water grab. After that mix the juice with 1 tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Stir until well blended then consume 2-3 times a day.

3. Treating strep throat Take half a lemon and then squeeze and take the water. Combine the juice with half a glass of warm water and drink. This way you can apply 2-3 times a day greetings.

4. Remove mucus in the throat Cut 2 limes and squeeze to take out the water. After that mix the lemon juice with a little salt. Mix well and drink the mixture.

5. Coping with irregular menstrual Namely how to mix 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey and 2 cups hot water. After that mix well and drink when it’s warm. Apply this way three times a day.

6. Treating Anyang-anyangan Prepare 2 lemon and cut and squeeze. Combine the lime juice into a glass of hot water. Add a little sugar cubes and stir until well blended. After that just drinking the mixture while still warm.

Efficacy and benefits of lime above will be increasingly felt when consumed regularly.Similarly, little information about the benefits of lemon for health and beauty, may be useful for those of you who do not know this information.

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6 Model Long Hair For Round Face Women And chubby cheeks

Model long hair for women round face and chubby cheeks will be presented here for your loyal visitors . Determine the haircut had to be fitted and conformed to hairstyles for toddlers the shape of his face to make it look more beautiful and can cover up weaknesses shape of his face.
long hair for women round face

We often come across a woman whose face is actually mediocre means not very pretty ones but precisely its appeal of a good hair model so that she looks gorgeous.

Women whose round face shape is often confused in choosing an appropriate haircut in order to fit the shape of his face. Well for those of you women who have a round face shape you please consider carefully the various kinds of hairstyles for round faces women  below.

The characteristics of a round face is the same width between vertical and horizontal. However, a round face shape is relatively smaller forehead and jaw line is also a little too curved.

If you want to make sure your face shape categorized round face or oval face, please refer to the guidelines on the haircut lady corresponding face shape . In the post I review at length on how to ensure their own face shape.

How to apply itself not to be seen round face round

Besides hairstyle in accordance with a round face, makeup is also very important, because if one of the ways makeup, hairstyle that should fit into does not match.

In addition, a round face can be camouflaged from cosmetology suitable and appropriate, but on the contrary, Jiaka less appropriate makeup can actually increasingly displaying a round shape face.

Here’s how:

  1. Use two shades of foundation is not the same

As we know that the utility function of the foundation itself is to create the impression of a certain lengthwise on the face.

For any part of the nose, cheekbones and jaw should use dark colors. Another goal is to make it look oval. As for the bottom of the eyes should use light colors. It is intended that the eyelids can be properly covered.

Thus you will face seems more interesting and a little impression of the round can be masked.

  1. Use Blash On bright colors for example pink

Nonetheless using on Blash should be implemented properly so that your cheek bones so that your face looks more attractive.

  1. Gunakan Eye Liner dan Eye Shadow

Eye Liner white applied at the bottom of the eyes makes the eye appears larger. It would be better if you use eye shadow color is slightly darker as gray or brown can also both colors are combined.

To the nose you should use eye shadow that is brown so you look more aquiline nose.

But you must be careful, because if you are wrong to apply eye shadow on the nose of your nose might not appear to be sharp but look wider at the ends.

  1. Arched eyebrows form a bit far from the eye

Eyebrow shape like this makes your face shape looks somewhat oval. But of course this method is aimed at those of you who have thick eyebrows and adjacent jarkanya.

For those thick eyebrows you can shave your eyebrows or first. Meanwhile, for those of you who have your eyebrow hairs rarely enough to thicken your eyebrows with black pencil.

  1. Use lipstick color that sparkles

For lipstick, you can use a natural color alone but sparkling. Do not use lipstick color is too light such as too red and so on.

Then how can I make shiny lipstick?

It’s easy, use only wonder would definitely sparkling shine.

For those of you who have a wide and thick lips, use brown color to form a line your lips with a gauge appropriate limits so your lips do not ear.

Well it’s makeup tips for round you, then let’s choose a suitable hairstyle for a round face you. but in this post I just show you a few examples of long hair only, for those of you who prefer the short hair, you can listen to the post I was in a short haircut for round faces women .

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